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About Dr. Cindy

My passion is to help you decrease tension and stress in your body and mind so you can live a healthy and inspired life.  

Most people I see in my practice want something more than to just feel good. They also want a sense of balance, purpose and harmony in their lives. To achieve this, a shift in how you perceive every day stress and your willingness to let go of what no longer serves your highest interest, is often what is needed. This is where Zero Balancing comes in. Please read more about it here.


Chiropractic Bio-physics: A Chiropractic adjusting technique that combines postural and x-ray analysis with specific adjustments to  align the spine to its most optimal position possible, relieving pressure and irritation from the nervous system and the joints of the spine.

Zero Balancing: A mind-body therapy that facilitates structural balance and mental calmness. The Zero Balancing Certification Program is a professional continuing education program that provides recognition for high-level skills and experience in working with body structure and energy through touch.


I received my Chiropractic education from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City Missouri in 1990. I also recieved a Bachelors degree in Nutrition that same year. 

I am presently enrolled in the Kresser Insitute for Functional Medicine and the Zero Balancing Certification program.

My History

I first became interested in the Chiropractic profession because at the heart of the Chiropractic philosophy is a respect for the bodies inherent wisdom and ability to heal itself. Chiropractic teaches that the body functions at it’s best when interference to the nervous system is removed, so for the past 25 years my focus has been to help patients achieve optimal spinal alignment. 

Then a few years ago, I began to see an increasing number of patients struggle with thyroid problems, auto-immune diseases, digestive issues and heart disease. So in 2016, I studied Functional Medicine with the Kresser Institute. Functional Medicine looks for the root cause of the problem and treats naturally before resorting to drugs. It was through this course that I realized stress, emotional as well as physical, is a huge contributing factor and root cause of many illnesses. 

Since most of my patients tell me that not only are they sore, but also stressed and overwhelmed, my interest in Zero Balancing grew. As I went through the Zero Balancing certification program, I saw how effective it was at creating deep states of calmness and mental clarity.  I became interested in the potential for health and wellbeing that is possible through a state of Restful Awareness and increased energy flow.

 I look forward to discovering the endless possibilities for a healthy life as we continue to explore how physical, mental and emotional stress affects your well being and health.