What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing is a unique type of bodywork which brings the relationship between the physical body and the energy of the body into greater balance. The Zero Balancing practitioner uses touch to contact tension in bones and the energy of the body simultaneously. This feels very good and induces a state of deep relaxation and mental calm.

Summary of Benefits of ZB

  • Heightens a sense of well-being, connection and balance.

  • Improves posture and flexibility 

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and worry

  • Reduces body discomfort, pain and stiffness

  • Promotes a better flow of energy

  • Helps release tissue held memory and tension patterns

  • Promotes expanded awareness and ability to be present

Why do I need Zero Balancing?

Because there is an energetic component as well as a physical component to health and happiness. If you focus only on the physical body, you will still need to deal with the energetic disturbances. We all have them, they are the vibrational energy patterns of past experiences that caused us discomfort. Since science is beginning to prove that disturbance in the energetic field, precedes disease, (1) it is helpful to work through these issues with a Mind-Body therapy.

If you want real life, real growth, real spirituality, it’s all about letting go of the blockages you’re holding inside of you. Michael Singer

What to Expect and Cost

During a ZB session you will lay face up on a ZB or massage table in a quiet setting, fully clothed. The practitioner will feel for areas in the bones and joints where there is held tension and apply gentle pressure and traction into these areas.

Our office offers 20 minute sessions for $45.00 or 40 minutes for $75.00.

  1. Church D. (2018) Audible.com Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. Hay House

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Interesting Information

*When pressure is applied to bone, the collagen fibers respond with an electrical signal known as the Peizoelectric effect. This was discovered over 50 years ago and is known as Wolf's Law. This means that your bones have the ability to respond to and transform pressure into electrical energy. The connection between Wolf’s Law and Zero Balancing is summed up in the following paragraph, which can also be found on the Zero Balancing Website.

“By squeezing and stretching bone and other tissues that conduct electrical currents, Zero Balancing uses the client’s energy to clear vibrations held in those tissues and in fields of body energy. Vibration holds information. When releasing, organizing or balancing vibration, Zero Balancing has the effect of harmonizing the mind as well as the body.” Zero Balancing Website

*The researched based data on how Zero Balancing effects the body and mind indicates that it activates the Autonomic Nervous System, the part of the nervous system that allows the body to relax.

My Own Experience with Zero Balancing

After a ZB session I have a feeling in and around my head that is expansive, clear and alive. My body feels relaxed and cared for. I feel more love for myself and others. I have more compassion and patience. It feels as if false perceptions, and limiting beliefs that I have built up resolve and then slip away, leaving me feeling more like my authentic self.

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